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June 1, 2019     
Lovely furnished apartment in downtown Stamford, CT, available August 1st, 2019.

Free parking, Internet, electricity, heat, hot water and gas.

Contact Stephen at or by phone/text on 203-391-4159, but please read all of this page first.

Bedroom - click on images for larger versions
Full-sized bed with storage room underneath, closet, loads of additional storage room on the two high shelves that run the length of the room.  Newly polished floors and cozy oriental rug.

Pillows and quilt can be borrowed if you wish.

To the right of the closet are wine-racks - you're welcome to use them to stock up!
Drapes and good quality blinds on the windows, a small A/C unit, and a ceiling fan.
Office desk and chair for working at home.

There's a small amplifier to the left of the desk, powering the speakers on the high-up shelves on either side of the room, into which you can plug your phone or laptop to listen to music in the room.
Chest of drawers for clothes, or anything else you want to put in it.
Comfy sofa if you want somewhere private to curl up with a book.  This is actually another pull-out sofa-bed in addition to the one in the living room, if you have more guests to stay.
If you're into cycling or spinning, you can use the indoor bke trainer in this picture.  Playing music over the speakers gives you the real spinning experience!
This is the view of the bedroom from the living room.  The bathroom is to the right of the bedroom room.

Contact Stephen at or by phone/text on 203-391-4159