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October, 2018   
Lovely furnished apartment in downtown Stamford, CT, available November 15, 2018.

Free parking, Internet, electricity, heat, hot water and gas.


Living Room - click on images for larger versions
Spacious, sunny and comfortable.  Two good quality soft leather sofas, very easy to fall asleep on. 

If you like board games there's a decent selection.
Small dining table enough to seat four people (two more chairs in the dining room)

The window looks out over the gardens.

Quiet, efficient A/C unit for hot days.
This sofa is a good quality pull-out sofa-bed, useful for occasional guests.
TV with Blu-ray player, and good quality hi-fi, if you care about such things. The turntable is off-limits, though - it's way too fragile and expensive to replace.

Cabling to let you plug in your own phone/laptop/video player etc.

There is no TV service in the apartment, but a cable box can be installed in your bedroom if you wish, and I have a spare 28" TV that you're welcome to borrow.
Extensive CD and DVD collection.
There's a paino if you're musically inclined (electric, with headphones), and a modest collection of books which you're welcome to borrow from.
This is the entrance hallway leading into the living room (with the kitchen on the right).  The lower of the two bikes won't be hanging on the rack, so there's plenty of room to get by.

Contact Stephen at or by phone/text on 203-391-4159